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Provider may offer a discount on non-covered procedures. Please discuss with your dental office for more information.

If you have a disability and require use of a Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD), please dial 7-1-1.

Although we update provider information daily, this directory is subject to change without notice. Please verify that your provider participates in the network.

Provider data inaccuracies can be reported online by clicking on the provider’s name and selecting the report inaccuracies link.

DISCLAIMER: Not all Dentists within a practice are participating providers. We recommend you verify with your Dentist where he or she is an active PPO. There may be higher out-of-pocket costs to you if you visit a Dentist who is not a network participant. Even with daily updates to our directory, there is no guarantee that a Dentist listed is still active.

Should you have questions regarding the provider directory or benefits, please contact Customer Care at 800-999-9789.

Unauthorized Use Prohibited: You may not download or reproduce this directory in any form, in whole or in part, for any use other than finding dental care providers for current or prospective users of the Dental Select network. Dental Select reserves the right to take legal action against unauthorized use.

Providers listed as Specialists are either board eligible or board certified.

In the event a covered person believes the relied upon directory is inaccurate, incomplete, or misleading, a complaint may be submitted by calling 800-999-9789, or emailing memberservices_web@dentalselect.com.

Dental Select Dental Network Referral Procedures to Specialists or Nonphysician Specialists

Members may seek dental care in or out-of-network without referrals. Referrals to a dental specialist or non-physician are not needed or required. However, savings are maximized when members visit an in-network provider.

If you need a referral to a dental specialist or non-physician specialist who is part of our provider network, please contact your primary dentist. Or, you may also contact us toll-free on the number shown on your ID card to assist with locating an in-network dental provider. A representative will be happy to assist you by phone or, provide you with a list of participating dental providers.

If we are unable to locate a dental network specialist or non-physician specialist with the training and expertise to treat the condition or disease, or we cannot provide reasonable access without unreasonable delay or travel, any covered service rendered including the calculation of coinsurance and deductibles, as applicable, will be paid as if the service was provided by an in-network provider.

Timeframe for responding to a Member’s Request

When contacting us by telephone of the Member’s inability to visit an in-network provider, the Member’s file will be updated with this information at the time of the call. If additional information is needed, we will make a decision within 2 working days after receipt of the information necessary to make a determination.

A claim for services will be processed within 30 days of receipt of the information necessary to complete the review. For purposes of calculating any out of pocket costs, we will treat the dental services rendered as if the service was provided by a provider in the Dental Select Dental Network.

Disagreements with our decisions

Grievances may be filed within 180 days after receipt of the member’s request. If you disagree with a response you received from us, you may send a written request to:

Dental Select
75 W Towne Ridge Parkway
Tower 2, Suite 500
Sandy, UT 84070

If we cannot complete our investigation without further information within 5 working days of the filing date of a grievance, we will notify you, your authorized representative, or your health care provider about the information needed and offer to assist in gathering the necessary information without further delay.

For a prospective denial, we must render a final decision in writing within 30 working days after the filing date unless you, your authorized representative or health care provider agree in writing to an extension for a period of no longer than 30 working day.

For retrospective denials, we must render a final decision in writing within 45 working days after the filing date